How Long do Succulents Live?

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Almost all gardeners love succulents because they are easy to maintain, are drought-resistant, and come in various colours. So whether you want a plant for indoor or outdoor, succulents are best for every situation. All plant owners want their plants to live long and don’t want to lose them any time soon. This is why … Read more

How to Propagate a Jade Plant

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The Jade plant is also known as the Money Plant because people believe it brings prosperity and luck. But the main reason why people love them is because they are so small and adorable! If you love jade plants and want to grow lots of them at home, or if you’d like to gift them … Read more

Is there a Beehive in my House?

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Is there a bee infestation in my house? How can I know for sure? Bees are usually searching for hollow areas or cornered and quiet spaces to build their hives steadily to efficiently carry out their pollination function. Where do different types of bees build their hives? 1. Bumblebee You can safely eliminate the possibility … Read more

Top 10 Flowers That Attract Bees

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The beautiful flowers that bloom in your garden all year long result from pollination; an activity carried out by bees. Flowers that contain sweet nectar are large and have bright colours attract bees the most. So what are some of the most popular flowers that attract bees? We will find out in this article. Why … Read more

Best Fruit Trees for Bees and how you can Plant them


The stigmatization of a bee sting has led people to ignore the beauty of bees and the importance of their role in the maintenance of biodiversity on Earth. Bees are a gift to nature, wildlife, and help in maintaining our biodiversity. After going through this article, you will understand why we should care for bees … Read more